Efrat Livny

TITLE: Phoenix Rising
DATE: 2013
MEDIUM: mixed media
DIMENSIONS/RUN TIME: 16″ x 38″ x 4 1/2″
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: This Talking Stick brings together the energy of bone and the metaphor of the Phoenix. It embodies the essence of that which persists and lasts through and beyond all that comes and passes in our life. Bones comprise the deepest stratum of our physical body. They provide us with stability and allow us mobility. They are the storehouse of our energy as well as the seat of our profound sensations and emotions. We feel deeply in our bones. Things touch us to the bone. Bones also hold ancient and ancestral energies. They are the longest lasting of our bodily tissues and can tell the story of our life long after we have been gone. The phoenix is a mythical bird that never dies. When crisis or calamity befalls it, it is able to resurrect and rise from the ashes. It is a symbol for the mystery of the cycle of death and rebirth and for that which transcends both. It holds hope and promise for our own ability to withstand the many setbacks, losses and deaths, that are part and parcel of a life fully and deeply lived. The stick is cedar driftwood from the Willow Flowage in Northern Wisconsin. Cedar is healing and protective. The bones come from cow (nourishment), fish (ability to “swim” with our emotions, with life’s flow), deer (gentleness), and turkey (the Native American giveaway bird signifying generosity and the blessings of the earth). Stones are the “bones” of the earth. Shells are external bones providing protection and refuge to tender beings within. The ammonite represents the spiral of life and the patina of time. The pearl in ts center symbolizes the beauty, wisdom and treasures that arise from our challenges and irritations. The feathers are those of ostrich. The ostrich beckons us to look into our fears. The wishbones call us to name our longings and to trusts our dreams. May this Talking Stick be guide and a teacher. May it remind you to be true to what is deepest and alive in you. May it support the mystery and power of the deaths and rebirths of your life’s journey.
URL: http://www.opencirclehealingarts.com