Herbert Rieth

TITLE: Vessel
DATE: 2013
MEDIUM: mixed media (wood, paint, beeswax, acrylic tubing, letters)
DIMENSIONS/RUN TIME: 36″ x 24″ x 32″
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: “Vessel”, my work for the ossuary project, is at its core about structures and preservation. An ossuary is a recontextualizing vessel of information where the jumbled remains are reordered to a different configuration than that of the living while maintaining the basic building blocks. To reflect on my quixotic gypsy life I chose the building block that remains from that time, which are my letters, encased in facsimiles of bones. They have been jumbled out of order of date or receiver or sender. They have been recontextualized and housed in a reliquary “Vessel” that contains hints of the journey: the reference to Baba Yaga’s hut, the Doc Martin boots and cuffed pants etc.
Balanced on two feet are the actual and the metaphorical, the “preserved” and the “vessel”.
URL: herbrieth.com