Teresa Getty

TITLE: I want to be welcome in your water balloon playground (hammer, anvil, stirrup)
DATE: 2011
MEDIUM: silver point, watercolor texture medium, walnut ink, graphite, oil on panel
DIMENSIONS/RUN TIME: 16” x 20” x 2”
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: My paintings documents everyday experiences without specifics. I look to interior and exterior systems, both in the natural and mechanical world, considering similarities and parallels between seemingly disparate structures. Bones, tissues, gears, clock works, exoskeletons, agricultural reapers, architectural elements and toys with wheels are among the visual fodder for my paintings. I enjoy the unpredictable process of pulling these forms apart, melding them together and teasing them into an imaginary in-between, no longer defined by oppositions. Throughout this process, my aim is to suggest a space both newly discovered and open, readily completed by the experience of the viewer.
URL: www.teresagetty.com

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