Anna Campbell

TITLE: Exhibit A shows Exhibit B a good time
DATE: 2011
MEDIUM: Skull, ribbon, mylar balloon, helium
DIMENSIONS/RUN TIME: With each new iteration of Ossuary, a freshly inflated silver circular helium balloon will be tethered to the skull; over the duration of the exhibit, the balloon will slowly sink.
1. In its descent, the balloon enacts a ritual of decline, illustrating the skull.
2. Both balloon and skull illustrate various declines of the viewers’ choosing.
3. The end of the balloon is equal to the end of the animal.
4. The balloon empties itself as the animal empties herself; structures remain to reference what was once full.
5. In advance of its descent, the balloon reanimates the skull.
6. The death of the balloon is artificial, the death of the animal is real.
7. The remains of the balloon will pollute the earth; the remains of the animal will become the earth.
8. The balloon’s purpose if frivolous; the balloon’s loss is frivolous. The skull’s purpose is noble; the animal’s loss is weighty.
9. The balloon adorns and marks the skull.
10. The skull anchors and therefore preserves the balloon.

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