Arnold Martin

TITLE: Paleontology of Memory
DATE: 2012
MEDIUM: recycled wood, glue
DIMENSIONS/RUN TIME: 36″ x 10″ x 8″
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: This piece is autobiographical in material and content; it is an attempt to construct an artifact of a specific place and event in my own history. The title derives from the phenomena of memory and the way in which certain events stand out and are remembered while others fade into obscurity. Given that I have no recollection of the time or of how old I was at the time of the remembered event it is relatively prehistoric and otherwise timeless in my own personal narrative. The memory is one of a rather unique experience gathering a deer skeleton with my brother and father that we found in a woods in South East Michigan. Over some time during a summer we carefully cleaned and varnished each bone and worked to reassemble and articulate the skeleton. Most of the work that I remember was done in the home in which I grew up. The recycled material from which the piece is constructed came from that same house. In this way the piece attempts to link the physical location of a remembered event to an object essential to the memory in order to preserve and interpret a past experience divorced from the specifics of time and its subsequent effect on my life.

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