Darryl Harper

TITLE: “Bone” from Stories in Real Time (Hipnotic 2009)
DATE: 2009
MEDIUM: audio
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: “Bone” is Darryl Harper’s setting of Terry Culleton’s eponymous poem from his collection Message from a Floating Dock. Harper chose work from two of Culleton’s collections to create his song cycle Saints and Sinners. In the poem “Bone,” Culleton expresses his envy of dogs, because “their lives seem mere aggregations of disconnected moments – obsessions that come from nothing and lead nowhere; passions entirely innocent of articulated goals or sublimating ideas; and, of course, unearned, but entirely deserved, lapses into dog-breathed sleep. To live entirely in the moment is to live unhounded by guilt or anxiety or the slightest dissatisfaction with our lot. Perhaps the poem’s closing injunction [“That’s how you and I should live/”] is impossible as a mode of living, but [Culleton] believes music, poetry, dance, as well as all the rhythms of the visual arts, give us spells when we too can slumber over the moment’s marrow bone.
URL: www.darrylharperjazz.com

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