Laura Hyunjhee Kim

TITLE: Wild Child – Untitled #1 and #3
DATE: 2010
MEDIUM: video
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: ‘Wild Child – Untitled #1 and #3’ is a non-linear video piece that was produced within a larger body of work, Sweet Springs Attract Wolves in 2010. Consisting of a series of live and camera-specific performances, the project initiated as an exploration of non-verbal communication relying on gestures and movements mimicking those of an animal which later furthered into pulling source materials from the myths of feral children. The video included in the exhibition comprises of short segments that highlights specific objects that are used to contain and ‘educate’ a seemingly feral/uncivilized woman. One of the objects featured in the video is a large bone that brings out the instinctual needs of survival within the human/animal and therefore is utilized as a tool of manipulation and compensation for adapting to the environment of those who are in control.

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