Olivia Baldwin

TITLE: Father
DATE: 2013
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: Fifteen years later we crouch over your stone, brushing dirt and sticks aside to reveal your name. Silently, we contemplate how long its been since we have visited. I close my eyes and try to picture you- not as I have come to know you in the photographs, but as you were. I stare at your stone and try to conjure you, to connect to you. I crouch closer, hoping to feel you. I place the pink peony across your stone, and she follows, crossing hers with mine. The leaves bob and we smile, knowing that you’d appreciate how we tore them from the ground. I kiss my fingers and press them into your stone, letting them linger a while, then rise to walk between the stones, And go.
URL: http://www.livbaldwin.com

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