Robmat Butler

TITLE: Twenty Two by Nine
DATE: 2013
MEDIUM: cast bronze, cast resin, marble, metal, chalk, grass, rubber and other materials
DIMENSIONS/RUN TIME: installation variable, each piece 3″ x 4″ x 7″
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: It is a collection of memories from a twenty-two year period in which my father ultimately passed. The rubber mold was made from his prosthetic hook; the pieces are cast in bronze and in resin. The resin pieces have symbolic materials cast in them: grass from our yard, my father’s pool chalk, hardware from his prosthesis, and other materials. The “hooks” were then mounted to marble trophy bases, becoming trophies to memories of my father.
Each trophy tells a specific story of our time together. “Amputation” begins the story with the diagnosis of my fathers’ cancer and the loss of his arm. “Hook Incident” refers to my father striking me with his prosthetic arm shortly after being fitted with it (this was a total accident – no children were harmed). My father taught himself how to throw and catch with only his left arm (after the amputation) so he could throw the baseball with me….this is “Catch”. “Mud Puppie” is a fishing story, “GTO” represents the 1964 Pontiac GTO my father and I built together, and “Stever” represents my brother and his passing. There are a few others that I will leave to the imagination….

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