Jason Sandberg

TITLE: i-kiribiti ORNAMENT
DATE: 2009
MEDIUM: .999 silver, bone and black onyx
DIMENSIONS/RUN TIME: 8 3/4″ x 6 1/2″
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: My work investigates the relationships between objects of violence and their presence in society after they have outlived their original reason for being. It is my intent to open dialogue concerning possible causes of willful aggression through the physicality of repurposed objects.
Many of the objects that I create are inspired by actual moments in time through modern history. I am fascinated by images of military detritus weathered by the elements appearing out of context. It could be images of kids playing on tanks on a beach in Saipan, villagers in the
Gilbert Islands using anti-aircraft weapons to dry their clothes, or sun-bleached aircraft half buried in an Iraqi desert.
I wish to initiate conversations about war, nationalism, heroism, nostalgia, and patriotism while absorbing the beauty of these obsolete items of violence and respecting them again as objects.
URL: http://sandberg-creative.com/