Joanne Kirkland

TITLE: Fragile Earth
DATE: 1991
MEDIUM: porcelain
DIMENSIONS/RUN TIME: 7″ x 6 1/4″ x 7″
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: When I made this piece it was part of a “fragile earth” series I did when I was transitioning between different phases in my work. The Gulf War was going on and there were oil fields on fire. I was making the most fragile pots I could; as thin a shell I could make on the wheel, then embellishing with bits of porcelain mementos- feathers, bones, moldings of small fighter jets, arrowheads.
I had thought that this piece had sold in a gallery in Door Co. WI years ago. When the ossuary came up I thought of that piece and actually had a similar one in my studio, one, which I’d, stained with black. Around the same time my dear friend and potter died and the gallery was closing. For 57 years, favorite pieces that they’d wanted to keep more than sell were filling a closet. In the shuffle of clean up, estate sale, and the moving of work to another gallery, this piece resurfaced and was given back to me.
The bleached bone quality of the unstained porcelain made this my choice for addition to this project.