Lane Last

TITLE: History’s Mistress or Harold
DATE: 2012/2013
MEDIUM: mixed media
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: Let’s be very clear here, there isn’t anything more fascinating to the living than the dead. Where do they go? How did it happen? Is there anything that the dead can do but inspire or haunt us?
“Harold” arrived quietly on a cool autumn day, east side of Madison. Slunk around a crumbling garage on the property on East Dayton and stayed. We talked soon enough, he never left after the first good meal. I never considered him a pet until he disappeared, vanished like my friends from town. Mourning wasn’t appropriate, neither was forgetting. His skull migrated to my studio.
I have the same reaction to history as I did to Harold’s passing. Mourning wasn’t appropriate, neither was forgetting. The subtitle “History’s Mistress” is an observation that some of death attaches itself to images and we are powerless to alter what we see. Maybe we can initiate change through that person who at some point blinks and moves along.