M.B. Goldenstein

TITLE: Collection
DATE: 2012
MEDIUM: oil on board
My father was a collector. He collected evidence of the past
that helped him define his roots and himself. Whether fishing, hunting, hiking or farming, his eyes were always alert and combing the ground for artifacts that would bring alive an ancient story about the place. To him they were treasures; they ignited his imagination, his fascination with history, with archeology, something that connected him to a past he romanticized in his reading, his writing and the lessons he ingrained in his daughters. He would gently rub his fingers over the surface of the scraper, or knife, or projectile point and marvel at the craft, the contours of the form, imagining the maker of these simple yet remarkably beautiful tools. They were displayed in our basement family room on painted panels, with occasional hand-written notes documenting the date or location of discovery.
My “re-collection” takes the form of a series of small panels, fragmented still life paintings in oil, where brush strokes echo the contours made by the original creators. I “touch” the artifacts on the panels with perhaps the same sense of wonder and appreciation that my father experienced. The project began as a recollection of my father but became my “re-collection” of the original, in a new form with a new motive. I am aware of the history of painted collections, the power of the multiple and the pleasure in painterly activity.
URL: http://www.marciagoldenstein.com