Wendy Given

TITLE: Coyote
DATE: 2011
MEDIUM: c-print
DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: Wendy Given’s production of uncanny contemporary photography and sculpture stems from a profound interest and practice guided by natural philosophy, history, folklore, myth and magic – magic as a term meant to conjure the notion of the interconnectedness of all life forces. Given additionally posses a keen sensibility in observing, documenting and seamlessly merging the natural with the other worldly – or, seemingly, supernatural.
Given’s imagery is overtly multifaceted – not simply fantasy pastiche, mere references to antiquated belief systems and iconographies, nor basic field documentation – she constructs a current and substantial visual mode to reveal the implicit ironies in a modern life ruled by the unexplainable. Nature is prescribed as a foundation of power, verity and mystery in Given’s work-both intelligible and arcane. She gives significant credence to the animals, rocks, plants, earth, water and heavens – the familiar, the unfamiliar and the essential. Her works conveys an intense yearning to utilize and honor our inherent awareness –to regain the unspoken understanding that we are all, and always will be integral to and dependent on the natural world.
URL: http://wendygiven.com/